Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hi there Richard Stallman... It's me!!

Personal Notes...

I am finishing a personal script which I will publish here later. Its main function is updating some hg (mercurial) and svn (subversion) repositories weekly, checking out if there are any changes to commit them to the openSUSE build service for compiling and updating my personal RPM repository.

It is rater simple as for the code implied. Though, I was not aware of any utility like that in the openSUSE realm.

So, it is already written.

But that is not my main preoccupation. You see:

Writing it made me wonder about whether it is possible creating a GPL++ license so that we, GPL ass licking advocates can avoid updating our code every time by just putting GPL++ in it so that Richard and those helpful lawyers at the can decide what's next in "Free"sofware without user intervention.

I know, I know there is already a GPL version X or superior stanza just like You require a super server or superior machine in order to run Vista. But creating the GPL++ convention will worth language economy and yet less machine resources.

Self updating RPMS and what not!!

If you don't got it yet. Fuck you (..with a smile) ;)

That is not for you RMS. I love you.

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