Thursday, July 1, 2010

Idiots crash course in solving Tweetdeck link open problem

Hi there my imaginary green fellas!

I feel quite mad right now as everytime I browse the web there's a noobuntu related post on how to do things the wrong way.

Be mature and don't get touchy with that comment. I don't hate newbies, I hate n00bs because they mislead newbies.

You, my little green newbie, will enjoy this post.

OK! Lets get our hands dirty:


Tweetdeck doesn't open links in our preferred browser.


  1. It is not Tweetdeck's problem but Adobe Air instead
  2. has a hardcoded call which doesn't work
  3. The call is made to kfmclient, an Adobe Air imaginary friend.
  4. Most people, except Adobe Air engineers doesn't have that client program installed.


Let's cheat Mr. Air and create the client he wants so hard.

Create a file in your text editor of choice named -guess what- kfmclient, whose contents are


shift 1


test -x $mybrowser && exec $mybrowser $@

Notice #!/bin/sh "shabang" must start from the first character. Also, you should replace chromium with your browser of choice, perhaps firefox 3.6 or alpha 4 ;)

Done! Save that file, copy to /usr/local/bin and then give it permission to be executed as a normal system program.

sudo cp kfmclient /usr/local/bin

sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/kfmclient

Done! enjoy! I'll try to update this post with a link pointing to a new script I'm gonna write for automatic discovery of your default browser in KDE and Gnome too if I've not lost my skills.

For those butchering file ¡SHAME ON YOU!

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